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Three step sparring is the first pre-arranged sparring sequence an ITF practitioner will learn.


Both attacker (X) and defender (Y) take an attention stance and exchange bows.

The attacker moves forward and places his right foot to the outside of the defenders left foot to measure up. They come back into parallel stance.

At the command “gunbi” the attacker takes their right leg back to perform a low outer forearm block with the left arm, in walking stance. Both attacker and defender both shout ‘ki’ when ready.


Number 1

X steps forward performing a right obverse middle punch in walking stance. Y steps back and performs a middle inner forearm block with their left arm. This is performed three times.


Following the third punch and block, Y performs a counter-attack. For #1 this is a reverse punch on the spot.

Three Step Sparring (Sambo Matsogi): There are two methods of practice.


-One Way


The attacker steps forward with the attack (three times) the defender defends (three times) then counters.


-Two Way


The process continues as the attacker steps backwards and attacks (three times) while the defender steps forward and defends (three times), then counters.

Both attacker and defender return to parallel ready stance and the whole process starts again with the defender now attacking and the attacker now defending.

When both X and Y have had a turn attacking they move on to the next sequence as follows:

2021-07-24 (15).png

Black belts 7 - 10

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