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BTC Safeguarding policy documents are available here:

Safeguarding Commitment Statement

JRMTKD Taekwon-Do is committed to providing a safe, supportive learning/caring environment for all of our students.

The Club commitment is:


  • To take its role in safeguarding and the protection of children and vulnerable groups and promotion of their welfare very seriously.

  • To ensure all safeguarding matters are investigated following the BTC policy and appropriately reported/referred.


To achieve this, the Club will:

  • Ensure Instructors are fully aware that safeguarding is a key responsibility.

  • Have an appointed Safeguarding Welfare Officer.

  • Support the Welfare Officer without question.

  • Provide mandatory safeguarding training to all club officials irrespective of the person’s role (protection of children and protection of vulnerable groups)


To achieve this, all club officials will:

  • Take the BTC’s policy and commitment to safeguarding very seriously.

  • Contribute to a safe, supportive caring environment for students and colleagues.

  • Attend and complete mandatory safeguarding training as per BTC procedures.

  • Keep up to date records as required.

Parents/Carers will:

  • Take the BTC’s policy and commitment to safeguarding very seriously.

  • Never keep concerns about the safety of our students to yourself.

  • Report any concerns to Club Welfare Officer.

  • Abide by Code of Ethics and Conduct.

If you have any questions regarding safeguarding or have any concerns regarding the safety and welfare of a student, please speak to Mr Marshall who is the Club Welfare Officer. Our Safeguarding Policy sets out the responsibilities of all club officials. A copy of the BTC safeguarding policy can be obtained from the Instructor, club administration, on our website or visit the BTC website and download a copy. If you require these documents, please ask for them.


Dr Jonathan Marshall

Club Welfare Officer & Safeguarding Lead

07596 5422565

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